• About Mikael Hastrup

    Mikael Hastrup, the founder and CEO of PropBidder, has built a career in technology and finance that has allowed him to make a difference in the world. His focus on creating technology solutions that add value to society and his leadership abilities have made him a respected figure in the industry.


    Hastrup believes that making a real impact can sometimes require grand or flashy actions and that the most significant difference-makers are often those who work quietly and subtly. He seeks to lead by example and inspire others within and outside his organization.

    His company, PropBidder, creates bidding software that helps ensure fair and equitable deals in the real estate market. He recognizes that well-functioning demands can lead to stability and reduce the risk of exploitation.


    Hastrup also believes in the transformative powers of technology, noting that modern devices like smartphones and laptops allow people to access more information and communicate with others worldwide. He feels that technology has "shrunk" the world and made it easier for smaller parties, including startups and individual investors, to work together.


    Before starting PropBidder, Hastrup worked in real estate, both in lending and development. This experience gave him a deep understanding of the industry and the challenges that investors, buyers, lenders, and other stakeholders face. He believes that tech solutions are most effective when the developer understands the industry they are trying to disrupt.


    In conclusion, Mikael Hastrup's career in technology and finance has enabled him to impact society positively, and he continues to strive towards it with PropBidder. He hopes to inspire others and make a difference in the world through his leadership and the solutions he creates.

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